VYRTUO™ Professional Cordless Electrostatic Sprayer


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  • Save 50-80% of application time and 50%-80% of the solution used. Large areas can be covered in detail, quickly with brilliant results. Fast return on investment.
  • The electrostatic technology of the VYRTUO™ drastically improves the quality of work by completely covering surfaces with a thin, uniform layer of solution.
  • The VYRTUO™ reduces fatigue by eliminating the repetitive motions of manual sprayers and covering large areas in effortless detail. It also creates extended contact between the solution and the entire surface, making cleaning operations much easier.
  • Carefully crafted with quality materials and featuring many innovations, the VYRTUO™ is cordless, lightweight, handy and easy to


Capacity   1 L (34 oz)
Colour Blue
Type Liquid & Disinfectant Mister


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