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WYPALL* X80 Wipers (475s)
Window Squeegees 16"
MALLORY Window Squeegees 16"
Sale price$6.45
Refresh™ Azure Hand Soap (6 x 1L)
Standard Bathroom Tissue (48 x 420)
Biodegradable Dish Detergent - Lemon (4L)
Fiesta - Concentrated Fabric Stain Remover (950mL)
Pink Hand Soap - Antiseptic (4L)
PAX-100 Handheld Electrostatic SprayerPAX-100 Handheld Electrostatic Sprayer
Hertel - All purpose - cleaner - prolific products
Hand Sanitizer Gel 75% Alcohol - Lemon (500mL)
Biodegradable Hand Towel Rolls - Brown (6 x 800')Biodegradable Hand Towel Rolls - Brown (6 x 800')
Jumbo Bathroom Tissue (8 x 8lbs)
Garbage Bags 30x38 Black - Regular (200/cs)
Advanced Hand Sanitizer (59mL)
Individually Wrapped Hand Sanitizing Wipes (100/box)
Clorox Healthcare® - Disinfecting Wipes (6 x 70/ct)
S4 Foam Hand Sanitizer 72% Alcohol - Scented (6 x 1L)
Health Care Use Disinfectant Spray (539g)
Concentrated Neutral Detergent (4L)
Garbage Bags 35x50 Black - 3-Mil XXX-Strong (50/cs)
Safeblend Hand & Body Soap Mango Papaya (4L)
Concentrated Grill & plate cleaner (4L)
Virox 5 - RTU Disinfectant Wipes (160/ct)
Suma Diversol - Sanitizing Cleaning Powder (3kg)
Advance Clean - Rinse Aid (4L)
Mr. Clean - Multi-Surface Cleaner (3.78L)
Liquid Bleach 6% (4L)
LAVO Liquid Bleach 6% (4L)
Sale price$4.88
Suma Dip - Liquid Pre-soak (4L)
Radikal - Dishwashing detergent - Almond (4L)
Concentrated Bleach 12% (4L)
Biodegradable Dish Detergent - Lemon (950mL)
Dish Detergent - Grapefruit (4L)
Final Step 512 - No-Rinse Sanitizer (1.5L)

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We are more than proud to be among the promoters of sustainable product lines as well as being an advocate of “Environmental Choice” and “Green Seal” approved products to reduce the environmental footprint cleaning activities have on our planet.

With these certifications, products such as cleaning agents, papers, wipers, equipment and others are subject to inspection at the manufacturing level. The products must pass strict tests regarding the environment, health, security and performance in order to qualify for “Green Seal” standards.


Hand sanitizer dispenser and stand complete with automatic touchless soap dispenser. Perfect for hand cleaning in entrance halls, reception of establishments such as offices, shops, restaurants, sports centers and any other work environment or public spaces that require a high level of hand hygiene.

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