Ultrasilver All-Purpose Antibacterial Microfiber 12" x 15"


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AG Ultrasilver hand cloths combine the cleaning power of Millentex microfiber with the antibacterial benefit of silver. Microfiberpicks up dirt and bacteria on a microscopic level, while silver ions bound within the fibres of the cloth prevent the growth of organisms that cause sour smells. With proper care, these cloths can be laundered hundreds of times and remain useful. Available in four distinct colours to aid in the implementation of HACCP programs.

  • 12" X 15" hand cloths are made with Ultrasilver microfiber fabric
  • Silver ion technology inhibits the growth of micro-organisms within the cloth, preventing musty or sour odours
  • Can be laundered hundreds of times without losing the benefit of the Ultrasilver
Colour Green
Dimensions 12" x 15"

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