Ultrafibre™ 644 Pink Microfibre Cloth 16" x 16" (5-Pack)


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AG Ultrafibre hand cloths are heads and shoulders above the average microfibre cloths sold in retail outlets. They are made of Pola Millentex, a microfibre warp-knitted fabric that is soft and durable with an excellent consistency of weave. Cloths will retain their shape and ability to pick up microscopic particles of dirt and bacteria even after repeated washings. With proper care, these cloths can be laundered hundreds of times and remain useful. Offered in 5 distinct colours to aid in HACCP programs or area segregation (especially important in health care facilities).

  • Ultrafibre general purpose hand cloth is ideal for any job requiring hand wiping or dusting
  • Pola Millentex fabric is recognized as an extremely high quality microfibre cloth
  • Helps reduce repetitive stress injuries as the microfibre picks up more dirt with less scrubbing
Colour  Pink
Dimensions 16" x 16"

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