Premium Soft Xpress® - Multi-Fold Hand Towels (16 x 135s)


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Tork® Premium Soft Xpress® 3-Panel Multifold Paper Hand Towels offer superior appearance, hand feel, strength, and absorbency. Combine softness with sustainability for QuickDry™ performance as QuickDry™ products offer a quick and highly absorbent hand drying experience. High-performance paper towels help customers use fewer, resulting in greater cost savings. Maintain a high-end image with reduced waste and clutter. Hands dry faster thanks to greater absorbency and overall better performance. Contains a minimum of 50% recycled fiber, and a minimum of 40% post-consumer fibers, providing environmental benefits and is a positive image builder. Available in an Easy Handling® Carry Box™.

  • 4 folds, 2-Ply
  • FSC Certified
Colour  White
Dimensions 9.125¨x 10.875¨ / 3.625¨x 9.125¨ (folded)
Format 16 x 135 sheets
Ply 2

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