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The sneeze guard is a suspended plexiglass (acrylic) protection panel. It protects your employees and your customers against droplets while allowing easy exchanges. Made in Quebec.

  • The protection panel is recommended during this pandemic period to protect your employees and customers
  • Reduces exposure to virus hazards (droplets)
  • Plexiglass sneeze guards wall for store that is simple to install and can be placed on the counter
  • Allows an easy communication while protecting since it is made of 100% acrylic (plexiglass)
  • Antivirus screen is completely transparent and self-supporting
  • Cables and hooks included: Please specify desired cable length
  • Available in standard or custom size
  • Made in Quebec
Height 36"
Material  Acrylic (Plexiglass)
Style Suspended from cieling
3/16" (0.44 cm)
Antivirus panel protection
Manufacture Mobico

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