01080 Kleenex® Professional Hard Roll Paper Towels - White 1-Ply 425' (12/cs)


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Kimberly-Clark Professional™ Kleenex® Essential Universal Plus Hard Roll Towel is 1ply and provides a reliable balance of efficiency, performance and value. Drying is one of the most important steps in the hand washing process, and how you dry matters. Forced air dryers and hot air dryers can take two or even three times as long to use as a paper towel, and studies show that, while the overall cost per use is comparable, the likelihood of spreading germs is greatly reduced with the use of absorbent, single-use drying towels, such as white Scott® Essential (formerly Kleenex) Hard Roll Paper Towels. Germ counts are significantly lower following the use of a touch-free paper towel dispenser (like the compatible Sanitouch Hard Roll Paper Towel Dispenser)—as much as a 200% decrease when compared with using either jet or hot air dryers. And, rather than blowing germs into the air during use, the paper towels are thrown neatly away. The rolls offer terrific hand drying performance, so your guests will waste less. A healthy workplace is a happy workplace and providing high-quality Scott® Essential (formerly Kleenex) Hard Roll commercial paper towels to your guests, clients and employees is one important piece of the puzzle. It's the same Kleenex® quality, now Scott® branded. The product has dimensions of 8"x425' and comes in a case of 12 rolls.

 Qty/case 12 rolls
Length/roll 425'
Ply 1
Colour White
Roll Height 8"
Manufactures Model No. 01080

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