Kimtech™ WetTask™ 06001 - Wiper for solvents & detergent systems (6 x 95s)


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Kimberly-Clark Professional™ Kimtech™ Prep™ Wipes for the WetTask™ Wiping System Hydroknit® & Spunlace is a 1ply wipe built for critical tasks, such as preparing cleaning surfaces. When you choose this space-saving system, you get both the Kimtech™ Prep Wipers with Hydroknit and a closed-top bucket. Then add the solvent solution you prefer. It’s simple, hygienic and safe. The enclosed system also helps eliminate exposure to chemical vapours and splashes. The WetTask closed bucket and wet wiping system can cut solvent usage by 20% and reduce VOC emissions for a safer, more cost-effective workplace. Using this system also eliminates the need for laundering dirty, contaminated towels and cloth rags. Choose Kimtech™ Wipers for the WetTask™ System and take your wiping efficiency to the next level. The center-pull roll bucket system is conveniently portable and helps eliminate the need for laundering contaminated cloth rags. The product has dimensions of 6"x12" and comes in a case of 6 rolls with 95 sheets per roll.

  • Includes: WetTask* bucket, 6 rolls
  • Cuts Solvent usage up to 20%
No. of Wipes  570
Length 12"
Width 6"
Rolls/case 6
Sheets/roll 95
Sold/priced per  Case

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