Derm 1 Antibacterial Hand Soap (4L)


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This hand Soap with triclosan produces a rich creamy lather that leaves skin soft and clean. The triclosan formula effectively eliminates dirt from hands. The easy-to-rinse formula contains smooth surfactant soaps with glycerine, leaving a delightful smoothness feeling. It is ideally suited for use in offices, factories, restaurants, health clubs, industrial and commercial food processing plants, schools and public washrooms. Product can also be used at home and in kindergartens.Contains 0.05% triclosan.

  • Produces a rich creamy lather.
  • Contains smooth surfactant soaps with glycerine.
  • Delightful lime tree fragrance.
  • The surfactants are biodegradable as per standard 301D of the OECD.
  • Easy-to-rinse formula leaves gentle smoothness feeling.
  • Can be used in most bulk dispensers.
  • Container is completely recyclable
  • Available in 20L and 205L formats *Ask your account representative*
Appearance Pearly Liquid
Colour  White
Format 4L
1.050 ± 0.02
Fragrance Lime Tree
7.0 ± 0.2
Solids (% Brix)
10% ± 0.2
Dilution Rate Ready to Use

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