Grunge - Calcium Remover & Cleaner (4L)


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Grunge is a cleaner, neutralizer and salt and calcium remover specially formulated for carpets and floors.

  • Removes effectively salt and calcium deposits.
  • Neutralizes the residual effects of strippers and cleaners.
  • Can be used on wood floors, ceramic, entrance carpets and car carpets.
  • Can be used with an automatic machine or manually with a mop.
  • Neutralizes high pH cleaning solutions.
  • Concentrated product.


  • Floor Neutralizer: 1:40
  • Cleaner-Neutralizer and salt remover: 1:20
  • Neutralizer for high pH carpet cleaning solution: 1:20
  • Carpet Calcium and salt remover: 1:4
Colour  Transparent
Format(s) 4L
Solubility Yes

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