Extruded Rubber Dock Fenders 4.5" x 12" x 3.75"


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  • Material: Rubber
  • Type: Fender Drilled
  • Anchor Holes: 2 req., 6"
  • Guard against damaging impact
  • Made of age, weather and abrasion-resistant synthetic rubber
  • Easy to install and the trim appearance makes them well suited for use on trucks and truck docks
  • Half oval shape allows radius to widen upon impact creating better deflection
  • Easily installed manually or by power tools
  • Hardware is concealed when installation is complete ; ; Note: All given dimensions are nominal and may vary an average of 5% in manufacturing process. ; ; MOUNTING D-4 DOCK FENDERS; On Wood: Use 1/2" Lag Screws ; On Concrete: Use 1/2" Self-Drilling Fasteners ; On Steel: Weld 1/2" Studs on Centers as Required; ; In all cases, a drilled metal bar 3/16" x 1 1/2" should be inserted in the bore of the fender to act as a continuous washer.
Material Rubber
Width 4-1/2"
Length 12"
Depth 3-3/4"
Type Fender Drilled
Anchor Holes 2 req., 6"

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