Dust Mop Treatment (397g)

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An easy-to-use product to control dust on any surface. Spray it on your dust mop or cloth and prevent germ-filled dust from scattering. Reduces airborne dust when cleaning, to help protect the building environment and extend the life of your floor finish. When replacing filters on heating and air conditioning systems, spray the filters before putting in place. This will reduce the amount of dust which again becomes airborne.

  • Attracts and holds dust, soils and debris like a magnet for single-pass dusting and cleaning.
  • Keeps dust from becoming airborne and spreading.
  • Reduces contamination of other surfaces.
  • Pleasant lemon fragrance.
  • Soils accumulate as micro-spheres that are easily shaken off mops and cloths.
Container Type  Aerosol can
Container Size 397g / 14oz

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