Chef 60 - Kitchen Descaler (4L)


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NO chef 60 removes calcium deposits, scale and food film from stainless steel, ceramic, glass, aluminum, cement and all plastics. Will not harm stainless steel, china or glassware when used as directed by your representative. INO chef 60 is a concentrated blend of acids formulated to remove hard water scale build-ups on stainless steel dishwashers and dishmachine counters, steam tabels, coffee urn jackets, stainless steel and glass jacketed process equipment.

  • Instantly soluble in water.
  • Stable through long storage periods.
  • Eliminates scale build-ups on coffee silexes and coffee urn jackets.
  • Leaves dishmachine counters free of hard water scale build-up.
  • Not recommended for zinc and galvanized.
  • Attacks magnesium and aluminum.


Appearance  Liquid
Colour Clear
Format 4L
Gravity 1.19
pH 0 to 1
Dilution Rate 1:40-1:160


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