Bio 5 Grease Trap Treatment (4L)


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This powerful product biodegrades efficiently oil and fat build-ups and other organic residues in grease traps and connected pipes. The formula eliminates odours and reduces the pumping frequency. It is effective manually and is ideal for automatic dispensing system and micro-aerating systems that result in maximum biodegrading of oils and fats. The product surpasses all international environmental accreditation agencies’ standards and is approved as credits towards a LEED or Go Green certification.

  • A technology like non other worldwide.
  • Over 90% biodegradable in less than 14 days.
  • Certified Environmental Choice by Environment Canada according to CCD-113. Alternative drain and grease trap additives standard.
  • Non corrosive, safe for skin.
  • No toxic or harmful vapours.
  • To start the treatment, use 1 L per day then reduce to the daily dosage of 500 ml after one week.
  • Always apply treatment at the end of the daily chores.
  • Available in 20L & 205L Formats

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Container Volume 4L

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