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The World Dryer J-162 Airforce hand dryer has a black aluminum cover and automatically activated with an infrared sensor. This high speed hand dryer will dry hands in 12 seconds with a noise level of only 83 decibels. The unit has a universal brush type motor which operates at 34,000 RPM and is thermally protected with 1 second run-on time and 30 second vandal shut-off. The energy efficient World Dryer Airforce J-162 hand dryer has a low power consumption of only 1100 watts since there is no heating element, while still giving a comfortable dry. Additionally, the epoxy paint on the J-162 has been infused with an antimicrobial SteriTouch® additive, reducing the spread of harmful mold, fungi and bacteria, making this one of the most hygienic hand dryers on the market. The J-162 is surface mounted, but can be recessed with the optional recess kit to be ADA-compliant hand dryer.

  • Available in 115 or 208/240 volts
  • Dries hands completely in 13 seconds
  • Blows water off hands and evaporates residual moisture with ultra-high velocity warm air
  • Uses 1/6 the energy of conventional hand dryers
  • Costs 25 times less than paper towels to operate
  • Modern and compact concept
  • Many colours available (Speak with your representative for more details)

Environmentally Friendly:

The World Dryer Airforce J-162 hand dryer is GreenSpec listed. Products selected for the GreenSpec list are considered to be the top of class and environmentally preferable, based on USGBC Building Green's criteria and testing. The Airforce hand dryer can help earn LEED credits based on EA Credit 1 for optimized energy performance.

Airforce Hand Dryer Installation:

Airforce hand dryers require a dedicated 15 AMP circuit, and must be properly grounded. GFI circuit protection is recommended. One side of dryer should be mounted to a stud

Colour Black
Hand Dry Time 12 Seconds
Rated Operating Noise Power 83 dB
Casing Material Aluminum
Detection solid-state infra-red, environmentally sealed
Dimensions 272 x 226 x 83 mm
Electrical 110/120V 9.6A 1100W 60Hz
RPM 34 000
Stop bi-metallic temperature limiting, auto-resetting
Weight 7lbs
Standard Manufactures Warranty 5 Year Limited
Certifications cULus, CE, TUV-GS, IP24, LEED, GreenSpec, ADA Compliant (with recessed kit)

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