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Airforce is an energy efficient, hygienic and fast high-speed hand dryer. With an air velocity of 206mph the Airforce offers a 13-second dry time. It utilizes an innovative multi-nozzle design of 11 jet nozzles to blanket the hand drying area with high-speed warm air. The unit is activated by an infrared sensor with a 3 second run-on time and a 30 second vandal shut-off feature. The Airforce provides up to 95% savings versus paper towel costs and 80% savings on electricity consumption versus regular hand dryers. Its modern sleek design complements any washroom decor, and its air velocity, sound quality and hygienic features allow it to fit almost any application or environment.

      • Dries hands completely in 13 seconds
      • Blows water off hands and evaporates residual moisture with ultra-high velocity warm air
      • Uses 1/6 the energy of conventional hand dryers
      • Costs 25 times less than paper towels to operate
      • Modern and compact concept
      • Bi-metallic temperature limiting, auto resetting
      • Solid-state infra-red, environmentally sealed
      • 272 x 226 x 83 mm
      • 1100 W
      • 34,000 RPM
      • 7 lbs

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