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The Better Pack 555eS is an electric water-activated tape dispenser (also known as a paper tape dispenser, gummed or gum tape water-activated tape dispenser) made for fast-paced shipping and packaging environments. The Better Pack 555eSA includes all the same features as the 555eS plus additional programming features.

  • Dispensing speed of 45" per second
  • Easy to use, color-coded keypad with 14 presets tape lengths
  • Ideal for sealing more than 100 cartons per day / per 8-hour shift
  • Optional accessories to increase productivity and efficiency
  • Dimension: 20" (L) x 12.5" (W) x 12" (H)
  • Maximum roll size: Up to 1000' length / 10" diameter
  • Ribbon width: 1.5" to 3
  • Water container capacity: 64oz
  • Electrical parameters: 100V, 115V and 220V
  • Safety Compliance: CSA Certified
Type  Electronic
Weight 35lbs

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