257 Cantech Polypropylene Clear Tape 48mm x 100m (36/cs)


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This tape is made of polypropylene film coated with aqueous acrylic adhesive. Resistant to UV and perform under a wide temperature range. Excellent tear and impact resistance. This tape ages well and will not discolor.

• Resistance to UV, moisture, cold and weathering.

• Good initial tack, long term adhesion.

• Perform under wide temperature range.

• Clarity: tape stays clear and won’t yellow.

• Good strength and impact resistance. APPLICATIONS

• Packaging, holding and bundling applications where moisture resistance is required.

• Performs well in cold environment (meat, food processing and dairy plants).

• Label protection, surface lamination.

• Single strip closure of regular slotted containers (RSC’s) dispensed by hand held box sealer.

• Repair tears in boxes, bags, etc., while in transit or storage

Colour Clear
Thickness 1.8MIL
Dimensions 48mm x 100m
Quantity 36 per case

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