Medical Surgical Masks with Clear Window - ASTM Level 2 (30-Pack)


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Humask Pro Medical surgical mask ASTM Level 2 are manufactured in Quebec/Canada respecting the highest quality standards in the industry thanks to their state-of-the-art factory. Ideal for the hearing impaired and those around them, they are the only medical masks on the market to have ASTM level 2 certification according to Health Canada standards. Its unique design has been designed to provide space between the mouth and the transparent window for comfort and optimal breathability. Made from hypoallergenic and microporous membranes, this mask is distinguished by its anti-fog and anti-reflective properties resulting from the unique HuCare filtration technology, a Quebec innovation. The Humask-Pro Vision also provides remarkable protection thanks to the tightness of the welds.

  • Its thin structure allows speechreading, freedom of movement and does not lessen the sound of the voice.
  • Innovative technology that allows moisture to wick away from the mouth and face.
  • 100% hydrophobic and acid-resistant barrier that prevents the transfer of body fuids.
  • HuCare High-performance PTFE membrane that provides outstanding fltration and unparalleled comfort and lightness.
  • Medical grade, meeting Health Canada standards ASTM F2100.
  • Hypoallergenic, free from latex and fbreglass.
  • BFE filtration ASTM F2101 ≥ 98%.
  • Splash resistance ASTM F1862: 120 mmHg.

Colour  White
Medical Device Class Class 1
Standard(s) Met ASTM F2100 (Level 2)
Quantity/package 30

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