Gloss 1 - 25% Solids Floor Finish (4L)


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INO gloss 1 floor finish is specifically designed to offer a maximal protection and wear durability in a low maintenance plan. This formula custom-made for high traffic while maintaining a superior gloss.

  • 25% high-solids floor finish
  • Self-sealing, extended wear formula for a long-lasting shine
  • High durability reduces maintenance and increases time between stripping
  • Adaptable - can be maintained using either a swing machine (175-300 RPM) or an autoscrubber (1500-2500+ RPM)
  • Can be used in a wide range of high traffic settigs
  • Resistant to black scuff marks and detergent
  • Perfect for schools, retail, office, buildings, etc.
Container Type Jug
Container Format 4L

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