Gloss 2 - Prestige Floor Finish & Sealer - 32% Solids (4L)


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The INO gloss 2 floor finish was formulated with a new double polymer technology that combines an unequalled shine, improved durability and a response to polishing that is ideal for all types of cleaning and maintenance programs. INO gloss 2 PRESTIGE has 32% solids and therefore allows to save time up to 50% in regards to the application of cheaper floor finishes. It delivers an instant shine that becomes more and more intense and resistant each time it is polished. By following the instructions, the product can be used on Terrazzo or any other resilient floors such as: vinyl, asbestos, linoleum, asphalt and rubber.

  • Meets all ASTM anti-skid standards
  • 32% Solids
  • High-gloss shines gives floor wet look
  • Resistance makes it ideal for areas with high traffic
  • Easy to apply
  • Compatible with all maintenance and cleaning programs
  • Exceptional levelling
  • Less coats required to do the job
Container Type Jug
Container Volume 4L

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