Foaming instant waterless hand sanitizer w/ aloe & vitamin E (1L)


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This clear-and transparent foaming hand sanitizer is solution that contains benzethonium chloride at 0.2 % as an active ingredient. This waterless sanitizer doesn’t stain and leaves behind a light linen fragrance. This foaming waterless sanitizer kills 99.9% of many important micro-organisms. This product can be used with the INO foam dispenser is areas where water isn’t always available for people to wash their hands. Format: 950 mL.

  • Contains benzethoniumchloride at 0.2 %.
  • Contains aloe and vitamin E.
  • Light linen fragrance.
  • Kills 99.9% of many important micro-organisms.
  • Ideal when water isn’t always available for people to wash their hands.
  • Made of superior quality high density polyethylene (HDPE), the packaging is stronger and sturdier than conventional bags offered on the market.
  • Compatible Dispenser:  INO-9983G
Active Ingridience Benzethoniumchloride at 0.2 %
Colour  Clear
Foam Rich & Hydrating
Format(s) 1L
Odour Linen
Usage Waterless Antibacterial

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