Fiber 6 - Carpet Cleaner for Hot Water Extractor (4L)


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INO fiber 6 is specially formulated for use in all hot water extractors. Powerful all-in-one solution for cleaning carpets in one step: Cleaner, conditioner, anti-foam, deodorizer and odour neutralizer all in one product.

  • For stubborn stains use INO fiber 6 as pre-cleaner at the same dilution rate. Spray on the carpet, do not overwet, wait 5 minutes before cleaning with extractor For best results, use the vaccum before cleaning. Add detergent to hot water and never use more than 20 ml of INO fiber 6 per litre.
  • Temperature guide as fallows :
  • Natural fibers (cotton, wool, etc.); minimum 50°C and maximum 60°C
  • Syntetic fibers (acrylic, nylon, polyester, etc.); minimum 60°C and maximum 70°C
Container Type Jug
Container Volume 4L

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