Eko 7 - Heavy-Duty Degreaser (4L)


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This degreaser is a powerful heavy duty liquid formulated for the most difficult cleaning tasks. Grease cutting formula uses biodegradable solvent, naturally occurring ingredients and cleaning agents. The degreaser will remove carbon and greasy residues from walls, floors, machinery and any washable surfaces. It is so versatile, that it will remove tire marks on concrete and is excellent for smoke damage clean-up. Product will not damage aluminum surfaces. With Ecological certification, this degreaser is the logical choice for Health and Safety and is preferable for the environment. This ecological product is phosphate free and 100% biodegradable. Dilute with cold water to save energy.

  • Surpasses OECD test 301D standards.
  • 100% Biodegradable within 18 days.
  • Authorized by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for use in registered establishments.
  • Certified Ecologo and Green Seal.
  • Meets the LEED certification standards.
  • Hypoallergenic and very safe for fuman and aquatic life.
  • No added fragrance.
  • Manufactured from renewable resources.
  • Phosphate and silicate free and contains no butyl or limonene based solvents.
  • NPE/APE free.
  • Non-corrosive pH action can be used for cleaning any surface.
  • Available in 20L format *Contact Your Representative*

Container Type  Jug
Container Volume 4L

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