Chef 45 - Chlorinated Liquid Pre-Soak (4L)


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CHEF 45 is an alkaline cleaner for the presoaking of utensils and dishes. It is recommended for use before regular machine wash. CAUTION: SHOULD NOT BE USED ON ALUMINUM.

INO chef 45 contains powerful alkaline builders and bleaching agents to maximize performance and effortlessly remove stubborn stains like coffee or tea. INO chef 45 has been specially formulated to be effective against dried starch or sugar, common with cereal or syrupy foods.

  • Dilute 7ml of CHEF 45 to 1 litre of water at around 55°C.
  • Completely immerse flatware, utensils, etc. and soak 10 minutes minimum.
  • After soaking, do the habitual wash.
  • Available in 20L format *Contact your sales representative*
Container Type  Jug
Container Volume 4L

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