Blurite 6 EC Extended Cuff Nitrile Examination Glove 6-Mil - Large (100/box)


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  • The extended 12" cuffs gives the gloves a unique look and provide extra protection in the arms for those applications where extra arm protection is important
  • Tested against Chemotherapy drugs
  • Tested against Fentanyl
  • An ideal choice for first responders and various medical professionals
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • 100% latex-free and powder-free
  • Medical examination grade glove
  • With excellent tensile strength and flexibility, these gloves are the preferred choice for tough jobs across a variety of applications

Size Large
Material Nitrile
Length 12"
Thickness 6-Mil
Finish Untextured
Colour Purple
Powdered/Powder-Free Powder-Free
Approval/Certification(s) CFIA Accepted
Medical Device Class Class 2

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