BIO-2 - Biodegradable Restroom cleaner with odour controller (900mL)


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INO BIO 2 Restrooom Cleaner with Odour Controller comes from a State of the Art Biotechnology process. It’s an ultra specialized solution to clean and eliminate odours in restrooms. It eliminates odours at the source and also leaves a pleasant fresh scent. It’s a multiple use, concentrated formula that can be used on all water washable surfaces like chrome, mirror, stainless steel, wall, urinal, toilet, ceramic, porcelain and polymer. Use with sprayer, for manual wash, with a mop or with a pressure washer equipment.

  • Easily biodegradable. 
  • Certified Environmental Choice by Environment Canada
  • according to CCD-110 Cleaning and degreasing
  • compounds biologically based standard.
  • Not corrosive to the skin.
  • No toxic vapour.
  • Do not damage surfaces.
  • Replaces many chemical products: glass cleaner, chrome, cleaner, stainless steel cleaner, all surface cleaner, toilet and urinal cleaner, acid (ceramic grout), urinal blocks, odour controller, etc.
  • Safe for users, equipment and the environment. 


Spray: 1: 100 

Mopping Systems: 1: 120 

Pressure equipment: 1: 200


Colour  Blue
Available Format(s) 4L, 205L, 900ml
Odour Lemon/Lime
pH Neutral

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