BIO-10 - Scrub-free cleaner for soap scum and scale residue (4L)


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The scrub-free biotechnological solution cleans surfaces as it removes soap scum and scale residues from bathtubs, showers, toilet bowls and urinals. This cleaner also has the properties of eliminating odours and preventing the obstruction of drains and pipes. The product does not harm surfaces in any way and is non corrosive for skin, respecting standard #404 of the OECD. The product surpasses all international environmental accreditation agencies’ standards and is approved as credits towards a LEED or Go Green certification.

  • Surpasses most international environmental certification standards.
  • Can be incorporated in any Go Green and LEED programs.
  • Certified Environmental Choice.
  • Entirely biodegradable.
  • Replaces the use of dangerous strong acids.
  • Safe for users, equipment and the environment.
Colour  Purple
Format(s) 4L
Odour Citrus
pH 3.00 - 4.00
Relative Density 1.010 - 1.030
Solubilaty Easily soluble in water
Viscosity (CPS) 1.00 - 3.00 cSt/sec.

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