Automatic Foam Dispensing System (1L)


Colour: Black
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From the clean contemporary lines of the dispenser to the unique automatic detection system and rich luxurious foam soap, INO foam is the “easy” solution for every hand soap need. It features a large, easy-to-use automatic detection system. The dispenser is ideal for the disabled, requiring one hand and less than 5 lbs. of pressure to dispense product. With 0.75mL of rich foam per push vs. 1.5mL for most bag-in-box liquid systems, the INO Foam system will provide twice the number of hand washings per 1,000ml bag. The INO foam dispensers can be used wherever people wash their hands.

  • 100% leak-proof mechanism.
  • Ideal for the disabled.
  • Window shows amount left in dispenser.
  • Unique automatic detection system.
  • Provides 1,333 hand washings per 1,000ml bag compared to 666 for most similar systems.
  • Compatible with all five INO foam products.
  • Comes with interchangeable labels to identify the product inside.


Activation  Unique push pad delivers 0.75ml per detection
Appearance Black
Capacity 1L Bag Cartridge
Leakage Leak-Proof Mechanism
Locking Optional
Mechanism Simple & Efficient


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